"This Mind-Blowing Illusion Sets A New Standard For Mind-Blowing Illusions….

"This Mind-Blowing Illusion Sets A New Standard For Mind-Blowing Illusions."
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Mapping with Google

Just finished the short Mapping with Google course. The Google Maps Engine Lite offers a lot of possibilities for visually representing data although there are limitations on the number of layers and the size of the imported data files so using Google’s fusion tables may appeal more for more in-depth analysis. A good example of the possibilities is this (http://goo.gl/mNae5) collaborative map used for emergency help in recent flooding in Argentina.

The Google Earth component has some excellent tutorials and tasks about creating tours. In this section there are also a lot of very useful classroom activities for teachers. As part of the course you have to create your own tour. I made a quick tour of a family walk in the Sintra Hills as part of the course. (http://goo.gl/gkh6l)

You can sign up here

Mapping with Google


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Collusion for Chrome
Visualize and, optionally, block the invisible websites that track you.

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"Scratch 2.0: programming for kids, now in the browser" http://feedly.com/k/149Mdrt…

"Scratch 2.0: programming for kids, now in the browser" http://feedly.com/k/149Mdrt 

Scratch 2.0: programming for kids, now in the browser
The MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten Group has shipped version 2.0 of Scratch, the justly famed and much-loved programming language for kids. Scratch makes it easy to create powerful simulations and games, even for small…

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Sounds interesting

Sounds interesting

Reshared post from +Google Science Fair

Join us for a Hangout on Air with Vint Cerf, a computer scientist recognized as one of "the fathers of the Internet." We look forward to a conversation with him about how the Internet continues to evolve, and the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

Have a question for Vint? Submit it in the comments below and we may ask it on air!

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Officially a Power Searcher!

Today I was sent my certificate of completion for the Power Searching with Google course. I would highly recommend this course to teachers and students alike.  The current course has just finished but there are a series of excellent resources to enable your students (and you) to become better searchers at Google Search Education.

Having done the power searching course I am quite keen on using the format of the course to build my own courses for students and there is even a site dedicated to that at the Course Builder Site so that should keep me occupied for some time.

Staying on a Google related theme the courses at Google Code University may well be helpful for my Computer Science students (their wiki can be seen here) who are currently honing their JAVA skills.

In order to keep up to date with current Google offerings why not grab the RSS feed from the official Google blog.  @jutecht also  has a whole host of interesting lesson plans and other Google related stuff on his blog which i have found extremely useful.

Now time to rush off and attempt today’s challenge at agoogleaday.com……..

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European 1-1 Learning Institute 2012 #euro1to1

Just spent a fantastic weekend at Frankfurt International School for the European 1-1Learning Institute 2012 conference.  Highlights were the keynote by @jutecht which inspired me to improve my searching skills. He also left behind a nice series of links related to searching.  In fact I took the  inside search course with google and should be receiving my official Power Searcher certificate soon!

What made the conference even more special was the fact it was the first time I had been a presenter at a conference. For those that attended my 50 minute session on Technology Development I left behind a moodle course with a few useful links and documents.

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