Collective learning examples :: #change11 #collective

After having been an agile lurker for a couple of weeks on #change11  I thought it time to make a relevant post to the task on producing examples of #collective  learning. As a teacher of IB Computer Science and ITGS I have used wikis and social bookmarking groups for some time.  They  allow students to gather knowledge from the collective and formalise and rationalise it in a form that allows them to condense the knowledge into a more appropriate lump.  Here are a couple of examples of wikis and bookmarking groups produced by my students.

Computer Science WIKI
ITGS Diigo Group

The collective learning takes place here as students start by initially making connections with collective knowledge. This is then organised through predetermined tagging systems and placing knowledge in the appropriate areas of the syllabus on the wiki. This in turn feeds knowledge back into the collective.

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