I have recently finished another booklet for my Computer Science students to outline the steps in building a small JAVA desktop database application  This has gone to join other open resources for the IB computer Science course I have gathered at
It got me thinking about what JAVA is used for. It is still the language we base our OOP option on in the IB Computer Science course and it is the language that most students will encounter when they go to university to read Computer Science. It is predominately used in large enterprise applications and of course one of the big sellers for students is its adoption by Android So after a little hunting around here are a few more JAVA applications that are widely used and enjoyed. 
Runescape XMind Ultramixer
Sweethome 3D
Vuze Netbeans Eclipse Rhino
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  1. Dear Michael..I am following your is a great source for ib cs…your posts are very helpful..I am going to teach IB CS at first time…and it is very difficult for me to get along with course….I wanted to give a great thank to you for this blog..some of links are not working..for example 2.1.5, 2.1.6, 2.1.7, 2.1.8 and there offline version of your blog..your work.your blog is the most helpful source for me..and about this JAVA article..the link of JAVA desktop database application is not published…can you share it .. and if there any suggestions about course..and final questin..which book is most advisable for ib Computer Science course? THANKS

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