These Google anomalies could become a strange fascination.

These led me to the rather clever investigations on new aesthetics by +David Berry et al. Fascinating reading but I do not pretend to understand a word of it!

Postcards From Google Earth
Postcards From Google Earth · info · switzerland_3 rome_4 redmon powell pittsburgh_10 pat tilman niagra los angeles_2 la-long_1 la_3 gg1 deception pass cincinnati_3 catskills_1 bronx1 apalachia_2 switzerland_4 colorado_6 la_2 whirlpool. « Older Entries.

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What is code?

It’s a good question….
Nice Easter egg at the end but don't go too fast or you will get told off….. or maybe you could just go to Codeacademy and learn some code!

What Is Code? If You Don’t Know, You Need to Read This
The world belongs to people who code. Those who don’t understand will be left behind.

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Moodle upgrade

I finally decided to give my personal Moodle site ( a long overdue  upgrade to 2.8.5+. In the process I wanted to have a play with a new theme as I have found some of the inbuilt Moodle themes a little boring. After having a search around I found  EvolveD which is a really great theme which cuts down on clutter and has some very nice styling ( 
While I was at it I also added some open resources for the CIE iGCSE in ICT ( to complement the resources I have online for IB CS.
The resources I have put online are  student booklets and teacher presentations for the new ICT syllabus for examinations in 2016. There have been quite a few changes to the 2015 course and all my existing resources needed a substantial rewrite. 
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Abstract Data Structures – Linked Lists

My IB Computer Science class are currently looking at linked lists as part of their IB Computer Science course. I have created 4 simple teacher presentations to demonstrate the addition and subtraction of nodes from singly and doubly linked lists.

These presentations are also included in a whole series of open resources I have at

Course: Computer Science 2014+
This course aims to provide student booklets and teacher presentations for all areas of the new IB Computer Science course. The resources tend to be biased towards JAVA and Option D (OOP). The content is in no way endorsed by the IB they are simply resources written by me to support my teaching.

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Google Apps Certified Educator

I am officially certified! The process was fairly painless and is detailed here:
Overall the exams were made easier after spending a couple of years managing the Google Apps account at +St. Julian's School . 
Next step? Google Teacher Academy 2014 application for the London or Amsterdam event.

Google in Education
Become a Google Educator. You’ve started with Google tools, now let’s make it official. Become a Google Educator to be recognized for your mastery of four required subjects plus at least one elective. Deepen your knowledge by learning and practicing the content in the Level 2 courses.

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Map of the Internet

Jay Simons has produced a fantastic map of the internet. 
"This poster includes one full map of the internet, 4 minimaps showcasing NSA surveillance, most used social networks, most used internet browser, and worldwide internet penetration, list of Alexa Top 500 websites, quick timeline of the Internet History, top software companies and much more!
A lot of this is based on the ideas from that have been produced over the years.
I love the detail of the new map as you zoom in and explore  and there are some good jokes to look out for. 

Map of the Internet 1.0. by JaySimons on deviantART
Buy Map of the Internet Prints on Zazzle! –… Buy Map of the Internet Prints(Vintage) on Zazzle! –…

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I have recently finished another booklet for my Computer Science students to outline the steps in building a small JAVA desktop database application  This has gone to join other open resources for the IB computer Science course I have gathered at
It got me thinking about what JAVA is used for. It is still the language we base our OOP option on in the IB Computer Science course and it is the language that most students will encounter when they go to university to read Computer Science. It is predominately used in large enterprise applications and of course one of the big sellers for students is its adoption by Android So after a little hunting around here are a few more JAVA applications that are widely used and enjoyed. 
Runescape XMind Ultramixer
Sweethome 3D
Vuze Netbeans Eclipse Rhino
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